Monday, January 12, 2015

Makeover Monday - Just BE It!

Many gurus talk and write about the law of attraction for manifesting what we want in life. But I think it's more about the law of "BEING"! 

Inside an acorn is all that is needed for it to become an oak tree. The acorn doesn't have to wish for it, or work for it, or visualize just has to have the right conditions so that it will naturally happen

All the things you dream about experiencing are things already inside you ready to emerge when you provide the "right" conditions  and consciousness to allow them to become your reality! "Seeing isn't believing" really should be...."believing is seeing"! 

Trust you have a magical life ready to emerge.....make all your thoughts and actions be the mirror of your readiness of your dreams and desires....and most of all be grateful when they come! So go ahead and

Just BE It!

Happy Monday!!!  Bonnie Hall

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